The Mamatina Boutique Clothing Range is designed and created by Tina Lopez Latussek; inspired by her family’s current home – India:

“And suddenly, without really knowing how, my family and I were living in India, our new home. Lots of hopes, colours, noises, contrasts… Such a different environment but with so many bridges to our lifes. Pune, where we live, Osho’s domain, who follows us wherever we go; Goa, the twin brother of Ibiza, warm all year around… with warm people…

I just let my self go, driven with the curiosity and the willingness to learn from my two boys Luca and Marco – our two little explorers – that are already soaked in before we even react.

This was the moment I decided to transmit all what India means to us through comfortable, light and funny clothes – without complications but with their character. Clothes that reflect the forms and colours that fascinate us about India. All the pieces are limited editions, as I buy just a few meters per fabric… all chosen by ‘love at first sight’ from fabric markets in Pune. All the fabrics are washed before clothes are made, to fix colours and to avoid shrinking once you put them in the washine machine. Each piece has strong stitches so kids can run, jump, climb… without any concerns… … and always in style.”

Mamatina x